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What's GeoJoe?

GeoJoe is an online look-up service for locating IP addresses, servers and domain names. Simply input an IP or server name and GeoJoe will tell you exactly where in the world it is - often right down to the city, town or village - along with precise geographical co-ordinates and other such useful data.

GeoJoe is an extremely useful tool in a number of environments:

  • Gathering very precise web visitor statistics;
  • Customer location verification and fraud prevention;
  • Keeping track of international server locations;
  • Highly targeted (localised) marketing and business promotions;
  • Domain name management and networking;
  • Customised news, products, feeds etc. based on location;
  • ...and much more!

Free Unlimited Web Access

You can try out GeoJoe on our website for free - and as many times as you wish.

Licensing GeoJoe

To license GeoJoe for use on your own server or network, please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.

How would my organisation deploy GeoJoe?

Along with offering quota-based licenses for accessing the GeoJoe database and API, we also provide bespoke infrastructure and connectivity services for those needing a more tightly integrated solution. With our team of hardcore programmers and designers we can create the ideal website, GUI or desktop application for your chosen GeoJoe solution.

Contact Us

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